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Armed with 17 years of insight and skill, we steer our clients and candidates through the complexities of career decisions in the funds business. With honesty and integrity, along with our careful recruitment techniques, we build meaningful relationships that last decades, transcending normal recruitment processes.


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We believe that people make a company great

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Learn what it’s like to build profitable businesses with the security and safety of key staff members. Give those members of staff careers that suit them, and watch them grow. We believe in creating win-win matches.

Recruitment and Funds Specialists
We know people, and we know funds. Combined, this makes our recruitment offering unique. We take the time to understand you at granular level. We will ask you questions that nobody has ever asked before, and we’ll take you on a process that ensures robust results, based on you.

The trusted partner to the most respected companies

Top listed businesses

Our clients are top listed companies on the world’s leading exchanges.

Leaders of the industry

Our clients are market leaders in each of their given sectors.

Blue chip quality

We support blue-chip clients, and understand the candidate pool.

Funds Talent - About us, recruitment specialists in Luxembourg's asset management industry

Extensive industry knowledge

We work hard to offer all who work with us unparalleled knowledge in our core market of Luxembourg. For candidates, this means that in our screening stages we’ll advise you of the companies that best suit you – not just on the job, but also the people, the working hours, the commitment levels, and the rewards available to you.

For clients, you’ll benefit from knowing the whole story, the histories of companies in this market, and a much deeper understanding of a person’s CV than you could read on your own.


Our approach

Funds Talent - recruitment specialist in the asset management industry in Luxembourg

Going places

Once agreed on our main targets, for both clients and candidates, we’ll open doors that you couldn’t find before. We’ll support you, fight your corner when we believe in your vision, and ensure that you are understood. We also believe in all cases that it’s important to find the ‘right number’ salary to make a good hire.

Contrary to what most people believe, there is actually always a fair number when taking into account the person and the role. We believe strong matches are based on fairness, and will enable both companies and employees to benefit from a great match that both parties love.

Impressive dedication and understanding.

“Funds Talent has assisted me with my career evolution and I can’t recommend Funds Talent highly enough. They are committed to finding the perfect match and ensure success by delivering high quality services, and they offer an impressive dedication and understanding of both the market and their clients that really sets them apart from other recruitment firms.”

Chloe, former candidate