The beginning of a new adventure

A country and a city of the same name, where viaducts from the 1800s cross a deep green valley. Does Luxembourg’s fast growing financial sector offer the career you’ve been looking for?

In the last 25 years Luxembourg has quickly become the major back and middle office of the global funds industry, handling payments, processing and transactions for a €5 trillion industry. Now it’s chipping away at the front office too.

With a local population growth of just 1%, many people working in Luxembourg’s financial sector are from abroad, and many more commute daily across the border from Germany, France and Belgium. With such a diverse local workforce, serving such a broad international clientele, many companies have adopted English as their main working language, and utilise all the latest working practices and tools that a world-class financial sector demands.


Onboarding packs

Moving to another country can feel daunting. If you’re considering it, reach out to our team who can help find you a roles. At the right moment, they’ll also share a whole pack of information about starting a new life in Luxembourg.

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Living in Luxembourg

Luxembourg offers world-class career opportunities with a European-standard of living. This means that for the same kind of cost of living as other major financial centres you can still walk or take public transport to your office and be there within an hour.

Visas and permits

For European candidates, coming to work in Luxembourg is straightforward. But even for candidates from non-European countries, it is still possible and relatively straightforward to come to Luxembourg as long as you have a job offer. The permit process takes around 8-10 weeks, but can be shorter.

Working in Luxembourg

Employees here have a standard work week of 38-40 hours, with a lunch break every day. Unlike other major cities, many candidates do still take a lunch break and even manage to meet friends in the city for a quick bite to eat.

Public transport is free

In 2019 Luxembourg made all public transport free. The new tram brings you into town from Kirchberg, and is being extended to the train station. Buses network across the whole city and country, including from the airport into town. National trains take you to neighboring countries, and local cycle stations are across the city for shorter trips.

Funds Talent - recruitment specialists in the funds industry in Luxembourg

We go beyond

Our whole team is passionate about going the extra mile to help our candidates feel good about a move and will work to answer any question that you might have. We are constantly sharing thoughts internally, trying to ensure that every single candidate has been considered against as many job opportunities as possible.

Our approach

Moving up the career ladder – European style

Following the fast growth in jobs in Luxembourg, the job market is currently very buoyant and candidates can be promoted quickly, especially in comparison to other EU centres. It is not unusual to see strong candidates, i.e. those that are committed, with a good academic background and the right attitude, move quickly up through the ranks at our client’s companies, achieving promotions every 1-3 years depending on the company and their seniority-level.

We’ll take the time to explain to you what ‘good looks like’ in terms of work at any company we hire you for – we want you to be successful, and set you up for the best possible start in your new role. Most of the candidates we place are very happy they spoke to us at the beginning!


A great experience.

“I worked with Lisa from Funds Talent, and it was a great experience. Lisa is very friendly, human and professional which was highly appreciated. Funds Talent works with highly recommended companies which makes it a leading go-to recruitment agency. It was a great pleasure to work together.”

Raquel, former candidate