We believe that people make a business great

That’s why we’ve been practicing sustainability in recruitment, before ESG was even a trend.

By operating with a quality mindset, everything works better. We’re selective about the clients we work with, because we want to offer the best opportunities to our candidates. When we find great people, we want to place them into great roles, at companies which we believe will give them a future. For our clients, this means that they get access to the best candidates in the market. It’s quite circular really.

How it works

Connect with us

Apply to a role on our Open Jobs page, or connect with one of our team of specialists.

We recommend roles

We arrange a call and a detailed discussion, exploring possible areas for growth in your career.


Following rounds of interviews at our clients, we’ll support you until you’re happy with all the conditions in your offer.

Funds Talent - our approach to recruitment in Luxembourg

The difference? We care.

We’ve spent over a decade working with business leaders and recruiting effectively, and it shows. Our clients listen to us, and our candidates are given jobs that suit them. We ensure that candidate’s wishes are heard, and there is real responsibility and room for growth. Even after you’re hired, we follow up to find out how your career is progressing.

Funds Talent - recruitment specialist in the funds industry in Luxembourg

You’ll get the inside track.

A career move is a sensitive and complicated process. Companies are not always what they seem from the outside, and neither are roles. Lean on us for the inside track of what you can expect, and who we think is a fit for your unique profile.

Work with us.

They got to know me properly.

“I was especially impressed with the friendly contact Abigail and Gemma gave me, making me feel comfortable that they were really trying hard to find the right job for the right candidate. They also gave me some great advice on applications, interviews and negotiations.”

Thomas, former candidate

Candidate FAQs

  • Will my application stay confidential?

    Absolutely. It’s a fact that sometimes you need a new job when you are already in one. We provide a safe space to look, without being seen. More than 80% of our candidates are not ‘actively’ looking. Confidentiality is at the heart of what we do.

    Our confidentiality promise: we’ll never share any details about you unless we have already obtained your specific consent to do so, and that means we’ll contact you each time we have a new vacancy to obtain your specific consent to submit you to that role. Please don’t go back on giving us your consent when you have already given it to us, because by that time a lot of work has already gone into your application.

    We also ensure that our clients do not think it’s a good idea to reference check too early, waiting until after the contract has been signed – and then only speaking to referees you have given. We don’t want to compromise your position in any way.

    Likewise, we’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t share any details about our roles, especially to other recruiters, who in most cases would love to know who our clients are.


  • Is Funds Talent specialised in Luxembourg?

    Although we have filled roles across Europe over the years, Luxembourg is our core market where today we are completely specialised.

    It does not matter if the person contacting you is in our London or Luxembourg office, both our offices are specialised in serving the Luxembourg market. We struggled to find enough team members on the ground in Luxembourg, so we decided it was more important to have the right people on board.

  • Is Funds Talent completely specialised in Funds businesses?

    Yes! For more than 15 years we have specialised in making placements in only funds businesses. As we do not provide any other sector with staff, we’ve become the market leader in Luxembourg for jobs in asset managers, fund services firms, and niche investment funds. Our clients are an attractive cross section of the industry; we’ve done this on purpose so that we can offer our candidates the full range of role types to best suit them, from fast growing jobs, to more technical positions, or people-led companies – we have always focused on having a large range of options to offer.

    As a Funds Talent candidate, you will gain access to information about jobs and companies that others do not know; the histories of the management teams, why we think they are a good / bad fit to your profile, and why. We’ll be able to give you clear career guidance, tailored to your needs.

  • Is your fee deducted from my yearly income?

    Absolutely not, our fees are paid for by our clients, and they do not impact your salary at all. In most cases, companies will incur costs with having a seat empty; they would either lose clients, or have problems providing a service that they are paid to do.

    This is why companies have a budget to recruit that is completely separate to the salaries they will pay their employees. The recruitment budget is a one-off investment in their business to find the right person. Many successful companies recognise that it makes sense to invest in their people, because that way they can find better people. This leads to them having a more successful business in the long-run.

  • Will I get a lower salary by applying for a job through a recruiter?

    No, agencies fees are paid by the companies that have hired them to find the person. In most cases, companies will incur costs with having a seat empty; they would either lose clients, or have problems providing a service that they are paid to do.

    This is why companies have a budget to recruit that is completely separate to the salaries they will pay their employees. The recruitment budget is a one-off investment in their business to find the right person. Many successful companies recognise that it makes sense to invest in their people, because that way they can find better people. This leads to them having a more successful business in the long-run.

  • Can I take part in different recruitment processes at the same time?

    Yes, we actually advise you to consider multiple options in order to see how you feel about different jobs and different companies. The same job can feel very different in another environment; big or small, niche or volume, has almost as much impact on the work as the job content itself.

    So, while it’s important to know what kind of job feels right to you, it’s also important to test your own reaction to jobs by reviewing different types of roles and attending interviews for different types of employers.

  • Do I need to speak French and German to work in Luxembourg?

    There is a large working population in Luxembourg that only speaks English, and they are doing very well!! While it’s nice to have other languages, you can learn them when you arrive. Many of our clients offer lunch hour language learning, or allow flexibility on some days for you to learn another language by leaving early for a language class.

    Of course, it would be handy having other languages; French is useful to communicate in town, but many people thrive in Luxembourg without speaking good French. You can find out more about languages in our Language section here.

  • What is the average salary in Luxembourg?

    The average salary in Luxembourg is quite high in comparison to other countries, and even in comparison to other EU countries. Outside of the financial services sector, base salaries are €15,000 gross less per year than jobs within the country’s financial services sector.

    The Statec website will provide you with more detail, but we believe the average salary within Luxembourg’s funds sector is around €65,000 per year for an average employee in a typical role – with an average number of years’ experience.

    As graduates start with a base salary of almost €30,000 gross per year, it is not hard to see how within 5-6 years most candidates who are doing a good job will reach the average salary bracket, much higher and more quickly than this number would reach in other EU countries.

  • Which jobs are hiring the most in Luxembourg?

    The most active areas of employment for companies in funds are: Finance & Accounting (funds and corporate), Legal & Corporate, Risk & Compliance, and Sales.

  • Do I need particular skills to work for an Asset Manager?

    Yes, you need to train in a specialism, ideally at degree-level, before you start looking for work in one of the main areas that is useful to an asset manager.

    Depending on your profile, you might be more interested in the front office (sales, client relationship management), the middle office (fund legal, structuring, risk), or the back office (accounting, transfer agency, fund administration).

    You should apply to degrees and jobs that match your personality profile, as well as challenge you in areas that you enjoy working in, whether it is communication-led roles, like working with clients, or technical-led roles, like working as an accountant or a lawyer. Always try to start with your core skills in mind before applying for a job.

  • Which recruitment agency specialises in Asset Management in Luxembourg?

    Funds Talent are the largest and most specialised recruitment firm for the funds business, having started out as Funds Partnership 15 years ago, and now having a staff of more than 12 colleagues, all specialised in the asset management sector.

  • How much of your work is in Luxembourg?

    Today, 95% of our work is in Luxembourg. Historically, we also recruited in other fund centres around Europe, but the Luxembourg office grew so quickly that we decided to specialise here – which we did from around 2015 onwards.

  • What areas do Funds Talent work in?

    We specialise in all funds businesses, so that could mean directly with Asset Managers, AIFMs, and niche funds; or Fund Services companies like accounting and administration firms; Depositary Banks, Custody Banks, and niche Risk / Compliance Firms.

  • How is your company organised?

    We are quite atypical in the recruitment word, as our structure is more similar to that of an audit firm, or law firm. We are quite a small team (but large in the recruitment world) so we don’t have a heavy structure.

    The Partners / Directors are more involved with client issues once they have been escalated, and our middle layer, which is the majority of our team, focus on getting to know our clients really well – but also deliver to searches. The only real structure and hierarchy in our team comes from how senior people are. The people that are the newest to our team are of course the ones that deal with the most candidates, but many of them also have significant client responsibilities as well.

    To our candidates, we frequently have the feedback that they like being involved with different people at Funds Talent throughout their experience with us. Each person in our structure brings a different set of skills to hiring, and you can have access to really senior people when you need it.

  • What are the steps of the process?

    If you contact one of our great team, we will take you through this live. It’s all very simple and easy to imagine.

We’re here to build lasting relationships

If you’re from any sector in the funds industry, as well as general accounting, corporate and legal, we would love to hear from you.

There is a great misunderstanding about what employers are really looking for, and how to prepare properly for interviews. We’ll help you to demystify real expectations from things you think you ‘should’ do and say, examples you should give, and what you should hold back on.

Throughout the process we explain company culture, promotion opportunities, and what the pros and cons are about all the jobs that you’re applying for. Although we give you our opinion, it’s always your decision, and we’ll support you in any decision you take.

When we talk, we’ll discuss all options available to you across the whole funds sector, which we think will suit you best, and why.