Fund Accounting and administration services

By far the fastest career trajectory in Luxembourg lies in fund services. These fast growing firms suit client-led candidates who enjoy a challenge, and are willing to go the extra mile for key client relationships.

If an entrepreneurial business, where you can work directly with clients and propel yourself up the career ladder sounds like an attractive option, you might be an excellent candidate for our roles in Fund Services. We work with the full range of fund administrators, understanding their niche organisational structures, and knowing every career path through this business.

Not every fund administration business is the same, and we know all the options.

There are as many different types of fund services company as you can imagine. These primarily people-based service businesses still run on the quality and calibre of their most important asset, their staff. While automation and standardisation will always be big themes in fund accounting and administration, it is really the staff that make or break these businesses. For the right type of people, joining them is like a breath of fresh air – it feels like your ideas are being heard, and while commitment and hard work are key, progression is always available – as these firms grow as their staff grow.

Funds Talent specialist industries in Luxembourg - Fund Services

Dynamic jobs, where business acumen is key

The Asset servicing space is the only middle-back office area where we seek the same kind of candidates that other firms might hire in more front-facing roles, ‘A-types’. While being an accountant or a corporate lawyer may not sound that exciting, the reality is that when your job is key to a completion of a €1bn transaction, things start to get pretty interesting.

Want to know what it’s like to run a multi-million relationship with a major institutional investor? You will only get that opportunity at a Fund Services business.

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Why Fund Services businesses have grown so fast

This area of the market has seen by far the largest growth since we opened our office in Luxembourg 10 years ago. That amount of growth has created the largest job opportunities and the fastest career trajectories of all the businesses that we support.

Like any service-based company, working in a client-facing role can pose a challenge, but for candidates who like to be a part of a story and enjoy building something, it gives them the chance to spread their wings, and have more ownership, much more than they would typically get at similar in-house functions. This is due mainly to the type of business working being carried out, and the way that each client segment can be run quite entrepreneurially. Once set up, their ability to scale and grow is there, enabling them to onboard clients and grow more quickly.

All this success didn’t go unnoticed, and this area of the market has seen the most investment from Private Equity companies, wishing to be a part of the build and scale story, often creating an enormous boon for the shareholders and senior members of staff once these firms are listed or sold on.

However, picking the right firm for you is key, more in this business than any other, as culture fit will be the best guide for future success.

One of the best recruitment experiences I’ve ever had

Adriana doesn’t recruit, she builds a long lasting relationship from the first day, nurturing it both professionally and personally. She was always very engaged and never left me beside. She is very detail-oriented, knows perfectly what her clients are looking for, and understands very well candidates expectations. Respectful, responsive, understanding very well the funds industry and very efficient – this is what makes Adriana stand out. My last recruitment process lead by Adriana and Funds Talent was one of the best recruitment experiences I’ve ever had and I’m very thankful for that.

Thorsten, Candidate of Adriana