A job that covers both company law, and investment activity

Corporate Lawyer roles vary from being broad internal counsel roles, to the type of legal role that supports investment activity through the use of corporate structures.

Within a law firm, corporate lawyers manage everything to do with company law, and therefore the term extends to company structures that hold assets, like in Private Equity and Real Estate Investing. In Luxembourg, this term also applies to company law, but specifically applies to a company legal structure – which can hold a multitude of different assets within a regulated, or unregulated fund environment.

Corporate lawyers are therefore in high demand, and work both directly in asset management businesses, but also in fund administration and trust businesses that help support these investment companies. In the last 10 years there has been an enormous increase in the rise of real asset businesses, such as real estate and private equity, hiring corporate lawyers to manage their investments domiciled in Luxembourg.

We are open to looking at corporate law CVs from overseas, dependent on the type of law practiced, it’s proximity to funds and investments, and also the educational background of the candidate. We’d love to hear from you.

Funds Talent specialist jobs in Luxembourg - Corporate Lawyer

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Knowing the right fit for you

Careers in the corporate space can move quickly in this location when you’re placed with the right type of company that suits you.

When you approach us for jobs in Corporate Law in Luxembourg, you will find that we are keen to get to know you on a detailed level; understanding not just about your legal background and experience, but also what type of person you are, and what type of environment you’re looking for. We’ll be just as interested in your personality and your career ‘stories’ – so please tell them to us!

We like to know the key things about your career – which projects you led on, the times that you made a difference, and we will ask you what you think your strengths are (because most people know themselves best)! We usually have a large number of job vacancies at any one time in the corporate space, so please do reach out to us if you’re considering a move and we can give you some advice about what is available. (Please keep all our clients and jobs we discuss with you confidential from others, thank you!)

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“I was fortunate to have experienced the professional recruitment services of Funds Talent. I was looking for a new opportunity in the accounting sector, and I was struggling to find the right offer. Not only did their team approach me with the best-fit job position but they also managed to organise all meetings with the prospective employer and negotiated the most favourable terms on my behalf.”

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