Responsibility for the life of a structure

A quasi-legal role with a wide job description, providing legal support on documentation, administration, and planning corporate activities.

Corporate Officers are very sought-after in Luxembourg, as most investment companies have some kind of structure managed out of this location. This makes this part of the market move very quickly, so we rely on the integrity of the clients and candidates working with us to always be open about any other processes they might be in, and to be really honest about what it is that they are looking for.

Despite the number of Corporate Officer / Paralegal jobs available, finding one who can really run the life of a company from A-Z independently, is actually harder than you think. This is because it’s actually all more complicated than it looks! In the UK the term for this role is Company Secretary – but it is far from meaning a secretarial role, it is actually a job where you document the whole life of a company structure (i.e. a holding company / ‘soparfi’ or SPV – ‘special purpose vehicle’) from its initial set up to its final dissolution, and everything that happens in-between.

We are open to looking at corporate officer CVs from overseas, ideally within Europe, but we will also consider non-EU nationals if you bring strong funds or Real Estate and Private Equity skills. We’d love to hear from you.

Funds Talent specialist jobs in Luxembourg - Paralegal

Varied skill-set required

Are you organised, with strong attention to detail, and bring excellent written (and verbal) communication skills? The role of a Corporate Officer requires all of these and more, depending on the type of business that you might work for.

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Start with knowing your own skills first

Understanding your own profile first, is key to ensuring you’ve found a fit to the right Corporate Officer or Paralegal role.

Some Corporate Officer jobs are stand-alone roles where you need to ensure you have meticulously documented AGMs, you’ve contacted all the relevant Board-members, and documented any activities in the life of a company you manage. Many more now also require a higher-level of organisation, legal knowledge, and client relationship skills – even when the client is internal.

Speak to our skilled recruitment team in order to help understand which types of roles, companies, and opportunities would be a strong fit for you.


They find you the right opportunities.

“I recently changed my job with the help of Funds Talent, who made the whole process more efficient than I could have imagined. They have an in-depth understanding of the Luxembourg market and the profiles of the employers they work with. Loris provided precious information from presenting a general overview of the market, through to the interview process, right up to the job offer.”

Magdalena, former candidate