A job that covers corporate requirements through the life cycle of entities

These profiles are responsible for all the corporate aspects and changes linked to transactions during the life cycle of entities – regulated and/or unregulated.

These aspects cover, but are not limited to, the preparation of all required corporate documents, organisation of various meetings and their minutes (board, shareholder, AGM, EGM…), corporate governance, collection of signatures and liaising with internal and external parties .

All these aspects are handled in coordination with other teams such as finance, compliance, legal and risk. At this level the role usually involves the coordination of a team, review of their work, and management of more complex issues.

Funds Talent specialist jobs in Luxembourg - Corporate Manager

Corporate Manager roles require a strong Luxembourg corporate experience

A legal background can also be useful to better understand regulatory issues and is sometimes required when the role includes more legal aspects such as drafting, review of tax structuring documentation and more in-depth involvement in transactions – especially when working in-house.

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A huge increase

In the last 10 years there has been a huge increase in the rise of real estate and private equity businesses in Luxembourg.

Corporate Managers have therefore been and still are in high demand, within asset managers and especially within fund administration and trust businesses that help support investment companies who often outsource this aspect of the business.

We are open to looking at Corporate Managers CVs with Luxembourg experience, either directly in Luxembourg or from abroad, as knowledge of Luxembourg entities and regulations is key at this level in order to manage the workflow and potentially coordinate a team.