launches on Leap Day 2016 as the first open, online site for exploration of the industry’s key themes, by people in the industry. The philanthropic site aims to bridge the gap in understanding, education and innovation between the sector and the world outside. The brainchild of the Managing Director of a the funds specialist recruitment agency, Funds Partnership, Rana Hein-Hartmann was motivated to put the site together for the benefit of both the funds industry and the end-consumer, after reading many negatively presented views on private equity and asset management industry.

‘I realised that there was a great disparity between the way the world sees asset management and the work we actually do. In addition to Asset Management providing for people’s pensions, there are many fantastic by-products of the industry; the active investment in our SMEs, the real estate in our capital cities owned by funds, private equity turn arounds, not to mention being a very large global employer. At a time where a pensions crisis looms in every nation, the need for education and inspiration on the sector has only increased.’

Funds Talent - announcement

What will draw FundsTV apart from other sites, is it’s straight talking, open and direct approach, and the presence of very senior members of the funds business who are speaking openly on the site.

As FundsTV was established as a philanthropic project, is currently free to provide content to the site, as the emphasis is on content rather than commercialisation of the project.

The perfect role you.

A team of great people – who know a lot about the funds industry, and all the possible careers in it – is waiting for your call.