Before being pregnant myself, I had heard other working mums say that having a baby, equipped them better for work. I couldn’t really imagine it, until I had a baby myself, in July this year. And it’s true.


Trust is a big word, for such a little word, isn’t it? Before I had Emily, I had never seen it in quite the same way before. Trust doesn’t just mean doing what you say you will. Words don’t work with a newborn. How do you build trust? You start by answering desperate new-born cries in the middle of the night. Eventually, you learn what different cries mean, and you learn that TRUST means being there every time.


There is nothing that will teach you empathy and real consideration of another person’s feelings like having a child. Compassion. The ability to forgive. You realise that everyone, is somebody else’s child. Trust me, the world looks different to you afterwards.

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The Art of Delegation

Every working parent I know, talks about this. Before my baby I could literally do anything for my business. Now? No. The lines are drawn. Does my work suffer? Never. I’ve learned what’s important and how to make that happen without me when needed. Every minute I give to something I don’t need to be a part of, is a minute taken away from something I do.

Prioritise, plan, delegate, follow-up.


My, oh my. What a child will give you. This one was my biggest lesson. I am the world’s most impatient person! What do I have the least time for? Myself. I have been short changing myself for years. Within 3 weeks, my baby told me that she wasn’t going to fit into my schedule, and I learned about time. What a gift!

I learned how long an hour actually was, how much a baby could cry :), and that rushing a baby will only slow you down. Easy girl.


The time you spend you never get back. This is why you have to do a job you love, be surrounded by people who care, and still be there for your family for the important times. Do not miss them.

It reminds me of the memo Joe Biden sent to his staff in 2014. Life is short. Spend it with the right people, doing the jobs you love. Leave the toxic stuff behind, and move on quickly.

This is also the reason we should work harder to accommodate working mothers in our companies. Trust me, a working mum can get things done very efficiently!

We are interested in speaking with experienced recruiters who are working mums / dads and might want to join our firm in tailor made roles offering flexibility, great people dynamics and a fantastic network – if that sounds like you, please reach out to me. In order to work from home, we look for at least 6+ years solid track record in recruitment.

The perfect role you.

A team of great people – who know a lot about the funds industry, and all the possible careers in it – is waiting for your call.