Little known Luxembourg, is a super star on a global scale, boasting the largest non-domestic Funds business in the world. The funds industry, the business of investing large pools of capital in business, infrastructure, and our world, is the fastest growing sector. People do not realise that much of what they see around them, from their capital’s skyline to Skype, would not have been possible without the large scale investment, from investment funds.

In the last 20 years the local population has grown by just 1%. In the same period, the number of jobs available in Luxembourg has grown by 100%. There are 200,000 more jobs available than there were 20 years ago. We urgently need more highly qualified young people to join the sector.

gradFunds Talent Luxembourg - 5 Amazing Reasons Bright Grads in Finance and Law should move to Luxembourg now

1.      Your career can grow faster here than anywhere else

You still have to be committed, smart, and a decent person to work with. But if you are, come here and work your way up. I have seen people gain years on London or Paris-based counterparts. Due to the high level of working opportunities in Accounting and legal, and the comparatively low level of competition, 3-5 years spent here will propel you forward faster than anywhere else in these disciplines.

2.      Graduate starting base salary is €30K

Yes, I just said that.

3.      If you only speak English, you can still live well

It is a truly international city. Many people from the UK, for example, who have moved here, have still never learned a language. While it would be great for people to learn French (the dominant language), German or Luxembourgish, you can get by perfectly well without.

4.      Brilliantly connected to the rest of Europe

Nestled between Germany, France and Belgium, you can also get to Paris on the high speed train in 2 hours, and drive to Amsterdam in 4. If you wanted to do a summer road trip down to Italy, you could totally do that too. What could be more fun?

5.      You still get a lunch break, and also a lot more breaks than most places in Europe

Most people here still take a proper break for lunch, with colleagues or with friends, and a lot of companies provide lunch vouchers to the tune of €8 per day. If that wasn’t already good enough, you also get a stonking 10 days bank holiday per year. What’s not to like?

Finally, and this is only a point for Great Britain, if you are from GB and you don’t make a move before Brexit is enacted, moving to work in Europe could get a whole lot more complicated afterwards.

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