I lately got English TV, and was flicking through when I came across ITV1’s Real Stories with Ranveer Singh.

With all the shocks, shakes and explosions of the last few weeks, I was reminded of the simple good. A man is completing a marathon every day for 400 days, against bullying. The man who saved lives going to work on the bus one day, who helped so many others survive the terror attacks. Extraordinary achievements.

Everyone thinks that they would be one of the ones to step in. But what if you’d had an argument with your partner on your way out that morning? Your car broke down, and your Oyster card has stopped working. Your boss won’t understand if you’re late again. What do you think now? Still that person?

They are a rare breed of people, who see in the middle of the rush, someone else’s need is more urgent than their own. There are those among us, who can absorb the worst, and turn it into something else the rest of us can use. You can’t see it or hear it but it’s their fuel.

We spend a great deal of time trying to understand other people. But is it really possible? We are so different. Why don’t we just treat others in the best way possible, in good faith? How much time and energy would we save?

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They don’t deserve it, I hear you say. I say, you don’t deserve feeling that way. Negativity is like shooting with a gun that is pointing backwards.

Life is not fair, but for the demographic reading this, we are the lucky ones. We are those who have our health and better wealth than most of the rest of the world. We walk into a hospital and can be seen. We can plan our weekends and choose what clothes to wear that day. No matter how much we moan about our jobs, we still have them. We live a life of freedom and security. And although life is not always fair, right and wrong still stand their ground. These are the important things.

Catch you on a good day and that person who rescued the lives is not someone else, it is you, my friend. Under all the unnecessary pressure that we heap on ourselves.

Turn today into a beautiful day. Start by doing something unexpected.

Thank you for all the birthday messages last week. You made it into a beautiful day.

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