1. Use their #vulnerability as a strength.

When leaders show they aren’t perfect, everyone else feels comfortable being imperfect too. Fearless environments foster greater learning and self-development. Without fear of making mistakes, people take more creative chances, innovating more, producing better results, and less sick days. Staff LIKE being at work. Beautiful imperfection💜

2. Listening, but not just listening, ASKING.

A leader who listens well, also asks questions, asks for feedback, asks for ideas, and doesn’t react badly even when they hear something they don’t like. Make it safe for the other person to talk. How else can you get the temperature of the team, fix problems in your culture, and ensure #engagement? Listening is key. Being close to your employees is the only way to achieve the dream. Give them the space to talk and watch them grow.🌻

3. Recognise and remove toxic employees.

Companies are usually on the fence about removing toxic employees because of staff shortages, and they aren’t ever 100% sure that person is that bad. Toxic employees are very skilled in leaving no ‘evidence’. Please don’t wait to lose some of your best people. If they give you a bad vibe and others are uncomfortable working with them, they need to go. Short-term they might still produce, but they sow seeds, and mid and long term, co-workers, clients, and management will suffer. Take action. 💪

4. Promote effectively.

Not early, not late, get the timing right. Recognise the bigger picture, and how this person is feeling. If you have a generally strong employee, but they are not quite there yet, sometimes giving them the promotion boosts their confidence and actually progresses them there. Don’t hold back a #promotion for small reasons, it will only make the person leave. Give chances. As well as having almost all the skills at the level above, the person must show a strong, 100% committment to the firm. 💯

5. They are open to any #feedback, no matter how it comes.

They don’t let the delivery of the feedback impact the gift of receiving it. They know they aren’t the finished article, and they are open to change. The strongest leaders are also the most highly developed people. They are curious about their own shortcomings, and always look for inspiration to overcome them. They see feedback as an opportunity to become happier in their lives. 🌈

6. Money is just the by-product of doing a good job. ❣

They care about their teams, their clients, and the overall communities in which they work. Money is just the by-product of doing a good job. ❣

I hope this inspires you today. Let me know if you have any comments / questions / thoughts.

Sun coming through trees quote "Don't let the delivery of the feedback, impact the gift of receiving it." - By Rana Hein-Hartmann
“Don’t let the delivery of the feedback, impact the gift of receiving it.” – Rana Hein-Hartmann


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