We are living in a time where social, political and business leaders everywhere look constantly for new skills, as if developing this or that new method, will unlock their future success.

During interviews we answer ‘competency questions’ to assess how effective we will be in the role.

We are also consuming inordinate amounts of content – knowledge, but also skills, skills! Gain this one, or that one. LinkedIn can teach you one in your lunch hour. Be better, get better.

We are told about our emotional intelligence, and I don’t know about you, but when did EI sound better, or even replace, just having good relationships with other people? Being able to discuss through conflict, or finding solutions whilst maintaining a relationship with the other side?

Having great skills is nothing in the face of having the wrong type of character.

It’s like a salesman trying to sell a car, he might be well-presented, highly articulate and even possess top class reasoning skills, but if he is a person you just don’t feel you can TRUST, you’re not going to buy the car there, are you?

Nope, you’re going to head to the next garage, because you know that when something goes wrong, you will be on your own trying to find a solution.

In the age of personality, try to remember that it is character that you’re looking for; i.e. not the shiniest, most polished applicant, but the one who is the most committed, honest, loyal, or hard working.

It is only by having the right kind of character-based attributes that leads certain individuals to grow far past the others, and become your future star employees.

Rana is a Managing Director of Funds Talent, a Search and Selection Firm for the Funds Industry. Along with being a company director, she is a passionate people person, and an executive recruiter for the funds and asset management industry.

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