Research from Morningstar Denmark has revealed that Nordic funds have the most attractive charges in Europe, whilst funds domiciled in Luxembourg have among the most expensive share classes.

The report said that depending on where their funds are domiciled in Europe, investors can benefit from a lower ongoing charge on an asset-weighted basis. In Belgian-domiciled funds, investors pay the most in ongoing charges. In Luxembourg domiciled share classes, which collectively hold the most assets in any European domicile, pay some of the highest ongoing charges on an Asset-weighted basis.

In a Norway-domiciled share class, investors pay an asset-weighted average ongoing charge of 0.72%, compared to the 1.08% European average. Belgian-domiciled fund investors pay a high average of 1.53%. Funds domiciled in Sweden and Denmark also offer less that the European average. The exception in Finland, with a 1.1% average for ongoing charges.

SOURCE: Funds Europe 04/11/13


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